Tuesday, March 07, 2006


BT pisan euy.. Feeling uncertain.. feeling uncomfortable..

It was started since at crack of dawn.. I didn' t wanna do anything but laid down, I was feeling drowsy.. Did'nt know what to do, didn't know exactly what happen to me, didn't know what I feel.. It was feeling uncertain, uncomfortable, empty bla.. bla.. Feeling uncomfortable soon produced a great loneliness in me, a loneliness that grew to envelope me as time passed. Loneliness came from the questions I asked myself and could'nt answer. I looked around and wonder, why am I here, where do I come from, where do all the things I see around me come from, what's behind all this, has everything always been here even when I wasn't , will they go on forever?? Really I did'nt know the answer.
Maybe common word " Let It Flow" will work to me.. Deep down inside, very very deep down inside I see life is so full of wonder.. And.. untill this day, I don't know exactly what it is.. I merely just define it, like people say.. Life is beautifull, life is good, life is wonderfull.. Yes, wonderfull maybe.. wonderfully whacky, wonderfully weird, wonderfully overwhelming, wonderfully ecstatic, wonderfully confusing, wonderfully frustating, wonderfully ponderous... Is life enticing, enthralling, exciting?? or Is life repetitive and dreary?? I'm gonna say.. I don't know, I really don't know.. Just leave it to ABOVE..
Yes.. I will let it flow.. I will try hard to feel that this World is my home... All living things are my companions... All people are my family.. So, I have to believe that there is nothing to worry about.. HAKUNAMATATA.. IT MEANS NO WORRIES..

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