Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's all about the money??

Once my son asked me just to know how much the money we have.. He knew that big money has to be kept at the bank. He said; "Nda.. please tell me how much do you have.." I told him it's enough for us.. Nda,.. please, how much??

It's about 500 million, I said.. (that's just amount I really want to be free at my account he2..) Woow... that's right bunda, it's enough for us, he said..

Like mom, like son...
He started to make a list.. How much the rest if I spend Rp 103 million and 342 million??, he said. Just add it.. It's Rp 445 million.. then, you still have 55 million..

"What great bunda!!", he said. It's enough.. I am gonna buy 1 unit Xenia Xi, and New Honda Accord.. Then, bunda, you may take the rest to buy things you want to.. Nda., please besok ambil aja ya uangnya dari bank..

So touching..
Son, I found you older than your age.. Matre banget nak..

Dalam hati... bunda mau juga dapet 500 juta. he.. he..

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