Thursday, January 19, 2006


Finally, I sit down and start to write.. It feels I have been trying for ages but never manage to..

Well.. Now I found myself sitting down here, with my husband and my beloved son Raul.. Feel that I just closed my eyes for a little while.. Then.. now I found everything's changed..

How wonder??...
Let me start from the time I let him (husband now) enter into my life.. It was a giant step for me... To make up my mind.. To make a Decision... It was the thing ultimately determines who I become and where I go in life.. Yes.. It's MY DECISION.. It's in that moments that my destiny is shaped. More than anything else, I believe MY DECISION - Not the conditions of my lives - determine my destiny.. Then.. I'd come to my decision that -HE- IS MY DESTINY... huuuuaaa...

It started by saying hello.. then... that moment came..
He expressed good things about me...

(Name given to me as "Tiyu sayang")

Buram tabir di penghujung temaram..
Berganti hari diterpa mentari pagi..
Menyinari buana rona dewata..
Menanti asa tidak sendiri..
Merenda kasih bersama menguak kelam..

Indah bahasa, lembut pekerti..
Hasrat dahaga jauh rencana..
Dekat memohon tak jemu mengingatkan..
Mencoba melintas badai..
Untuk berlabuh di dermaga kasih..

Being appreciated by those nice words.. I brought him into incredible words..
It's just for him.. as birthday present.. April 20, 1998
"Once In a Life Time"..
When I met you..
I had no idea how much my life was about to be changed..
But then, how could I have known??
A love like ours happens once in a lifetime..
You are a miracle to me,
The one who was everything I had ever dreamed of..
And when you came into my life..
I realized that what I had always thought was happiness..
Couldn'd compare to the joy..
Loving you brougt me..
You are apart of everything..
I think and I do and feel..
And with you by my side,
I believe that anything is possible..
for the miracle of you, you are and always will be

Tissa, 20-04-1998

And, Now..
I found myself live between the two angels.. Adam & Raul.. Huu.. tersanjung deh..
We've been about 7 years in togetherness at last..
For all the special things they do, it bring a world of love to them..
Deep in my heart, I wish GOD will always strengthen us..
To always protect us and rescue us from fear and doubtfulness..
In every second of our life, here we are,.. in front of You, beside You..
To THANK YOU.. and to ask for Your FORGIVENESS..

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