Thursday, January 19, 2006


Tahun Baru?? I talked to myself that the start of each new year can mean a chance, to leave behind the past, to concentrate on brand new hopes and to look ahead to joys that last. It also can bring a chance to learn and to explore, to do something I want to try, something I have never done before. The start of each new year can also mean a chance to grow and open up by getting closed to others..

To do everything good is a must.. Cause I don't have to learn from doing something bad or wrong.. I merely beg from above to always remind me, to protect me and lead me to be always a blessed person in this world everafter..

I took a good words from a friend of mine, that:
Health make all things possible, Wealth makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful..
Indeed,,, I hope to have all these three all through the years...

This time,.. I have to relay my big thanks to GOD..
For everything's given to me, to my family, to my life..
Far from Him... No.. NEVER..
GOD.. In every inch of my step.. I beg You to be always with me..

Rara Vebles blog @ 12:40 AM


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